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The 10 Best Nike Free Running Shoes Available Now

No. 1 - Nike Flyknit Lunar1+,A one-piece, knit upper made from polyester yarn is almost singlehandedly making the Flyknit Lunar1+ one of the most popular sought-after neutral shoe around. The minimal upper makes this shoe incredibly light, while strategically placed Flywire cables ensure high-level snugness. Add in elite responsiveness and gender-specific flex grooves and you’ve got virtually the whole package.

No. 2 - Nike Free 3.0 v5,The Nike Free 3.0 v5 is the minimalist neutral performance shoe that so many seasoned runners swear by. Looks great with plenty of vibrant color options set off by the white outsole, hugs your foot with a built-in integrated bootie, and super light at 7.2 oz for guys, 5.8 oz for ladies. As always with all the Nike Free shoes, you get the sliced outsole which provides the flexibility to give you that natural running experience when combined with the 6.6 mm heel to forefoot drop.

No. 3 - Nike Free 5.0+,Don't be confused by the new numbering within Nike's Free series, the Free 5.0 is the next version of the Nike Free Run 3.0, not an entirely new shoe line. The Free 5.0 has a heel-to-forefoot drop of 10.6mm, something seen in more traditional running shoe design. Yet, the Free 5.0 makes for a solid choice if you are itching to move from a heavier traditional neutral shoe to something that resembles a minimalist shoe as it weighs in at 8.9 oz for men, 7.3 oz for women, but feel you don't want to give up all the cushioning that is the baggage you get when choosing a full-on minimalist shoe. The Free 5.0 has additional overlays and more cushioning but still has the Nike Free's classic sliced outsole to give you that flex that you expect from the Free line.

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